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Lou Cherie is the leading Australasian management consulting firm specialising in economic development of globally competitive cities, inspiring precincts, destinations, tourism and major events. In other words, incredible things don’t just happen. They’re created and nurtured with vision, ambition, and relevance.

We curate and deliver high-quality outcomes for cities and regions, leading in specialised projects for arts and culture, community and economic development projects, sport, lifestyle and recreation, tourism, major event planning and destination management to drive economic outcomes.

Our Process

We create bold strategies with you to build a sustainable future.

Strategic Design

Working with you to develop a strategic sustainable roadmap to success.

Strategic Workshops

Cultivate creative collaboration to align business vision and culture.

Strategic Implementation

Now let’s put your plan into action! We’ll be there every step of the way.

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The sole purpose of Lou Cherie is to capitalise on economic potential working closely with government and the private sector to create and develop new growth opportunities that engage and influence people, places, and purpose. We are dedicated about shaping cultural thinking, community development, promoting and strengthening diverse remote and regional areas through to metropolitan city hearts and flourishing suburbs. 

We’re motivated to capitalise on economic development working closely with our clients to drive economies through the identification of infrastructure, programs, governance, and future-focused outcomes. Central to our approach is sensitivity to local culture and context.  

We plan precincts, we design roadmaps, we align policy and procedure, we develop strategy, and we implement corporate and operational planning with strong foundations to succeed and surmount any challenge. Fundamental to our work is stakeholder and community engagement, targeted research, analysis and insights development, program design and application, and established industry-specific frameworks, and guidelines.

We understand every project is unique, tailored to suit community and business aspirations with your story front and centre. Our mission is to visualise and realising your unique offerings. We are true believers in sharing our knowledge and know-how with you by also offering education and training to support those working on the ground to cultivate high-performing teams. To learn more regarding our education platforms skip through to our Lou Cherie Learning area to discover additional team development opportunities. 



Effective frameworks, clear policy direction, executive accountability, strength of leadership, culture building, and focused, strategic planning. We future-proof performance and organisational priorities to align comprehensive plans and strategy with funding application. We improve efficiency and effectiveness with best practice for your internal services and operations. Corporate and operational planning alongside targeted strategy identifying your key needs and services sees you move forward with meaningful and confident purpose. We lead diverse groups of people to deliver cohesive, high-quality outcomes.


Community and economic development leverage the power of government and private business to create jobs, fuel income growth and improve lifestyle. Specialising in arts and culture, sport, lifestyle and recreation, tourism, major event planning, and destination management, we have over two decades of government and private practice experience. We are committed to robust thinking about the future of local communities and the role of government and industry with structured planning that aligns organisations to deliver on the plan. Connecting people, ideas and solutions is the key to our success.

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Community and economic development go hand-in-hand with grant application and philanthropy. Our mission – to turn the elusive idea of ‘monies’ into reality to steer our clients’ projects. We do things a little different when honing grant writing or approaching philanthropic venture. Being 100% independent allows us to drive applications in a specific way. We understand context – the opportunities, challenges, drivers and of course budget considerations required to deliver effective change for communities to achieve strategy and planning execution.


Specialising in concept development and planning, we collaborate with multi-faceted experts to provide strategic effectiveness, program modelling, operational planning, plus stakeholder and community engagement. We shape thinking to plan precincts, tourism and event applications, cultural and creative destinations, venues and community hubs, including revitalisation, and new development to create unique and inspiring places and spaces. Fostering sustainable and resilient communities underpins Lou Cherie’s drive to guide relevant, meaningful and sustainable development partnering with people for success.

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‘Meaningful’… engagement is the key word often missed in this conversation. Engaging community and key stakeholders is not only essential but has a process and strategy of its own. This does not happen by chance. The objective is to have your community and key stakeholders walk away from engagement feeling informed, empowered and valued for their contribution.

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