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Lou Cherie Hosted Workshops:

We conduct face-toface and groups session over zoom.

We can come to your organisation!

We’ve helped organisations get their stuff in order and had a great time whilst etc.

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We love face-to-face, creating special spaces where you get to immerse yourself. Learn with like-minded people. 

Our workshops ‘in person’ or ‘online’ offer a not-so-traditional learning program and we’re not into jam packing the room, so the workshop group provides plenty of opportunity for people to engage.

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Q&A Session – Open Sessions

Online Session – Limited Places Available.

2024 Sessions coming soon!

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1/2 Day
Online Power Coaching Session

I tend to find those who attend these sessions are on the go and pretty much under the pump delivering a menagerie of tasks and projects.

The 1/2 Day Online Power Coaching Session is online so you can join from wherever you may be!

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Full Day
Focus Workshop
Coaching Session

The full day workshop is all about detail – dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s. It’s a thorough examination of a project or topic.

Places will be limited for in person workshops…get in quick the full day workshop is our most popular.

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2 Day Project
Coaching Session

Here’s where we dig deep, and project manage our butt’s off. This is where you learn in an immersive, expansive environment.

These workshops are held face-to-face and focus on teaching you the most important project management skills.

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Designed for you

Building Strong, Resilient and Knowledgeable Teams

Underpinned by tried and tested methodologies, we have successfully implemented for our clients, custom workshops where we come to you. Our customised training, consultation, and workshops are all about YOU tailored for in-house operations for a myriad of big and small organisations. 

We’re onsite at your HQ guiding and troubleshooting with your in-house team, so they can be their very best. The outcome? YOUR team will create safe and curated projects with meticulous planning that will have your organisation not only being seen and heard – but talked about.

Our custom training workshops are perfect for those who are responsible for strategy, planning, operational and project management, marketing and communications, and team development working in arts and culture, community and economic development, sport, lifestyle and recreation, tourism, events including major event planning, and destination management. We tailor our workshops specifically to your organisation’s objectives and requirements as well as work with you on projects your team needs to deliver.

We’ve worked with our clients on their specific projects or implement our custom topics focusing on key areas of specialisation – like a pick list so you can tailor the teams’ requirements and organisational objectives. 

What's in your success toolkit?

A step by step plan of attack that's manageable, not overwhelming.

What's in your everyday creative?

Elusive and essential all at the same time but oh so useful, meaningful and perhaps a little bit dangerous.

What's in your success toolkit?

Breaking down tough topics for bite-size, achievable delivery.